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Grooming Services in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Choose Deb The Dog Groomer to provide a wide range of grooming services from breed-specific clips to flea baths and nail trimming in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Contact Deb to make an appointment today.

Getting Started

After you make your appointment, come in for a breif meet and greet and fill out a care card. Your pets receive a bath, and have their teeth brushed and anal glands checked and expressed if needed. After a towel drying, they are either crate-dried or blow-dried out.

Bathing Your Dog

For your dog's bath, Deb is able to use either medicated or hypoallergenic shampoos, as well as flea and tick baths. If your pet has skin concerns or a lackluster coat, or your vet recommends a specific shampoo, please inform her, as these additional services are welcome. Leave-in conditioners are available, if needed, and Deb cleans and checks out your pup's ears.

Puppy, Nail Trimming in Lancaster, PA

Hair Clipping

All dogs are groomed with clippers or scissors, depending on the breed and desired cut. Deb offers breed-specific to designer dog clips to give your dog the perfect look.

Nail Trims

For healthy paws, regular nail trimming is required. Your dog's nails are trimmed with a grinder. Nail painting is available at your request. Finish with a fancy bandanna or bow.

Contact Deb in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, to schedule an appointment for dog grooming services.